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Planeteers is an award winning educational video game aimed at teaching STEAM skills to kids aged 7 to 12 years. STEAM is an acronym that refers to education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and encouraging kids to learn and excel in these fields is a major priority globally. Developed in tandem with leading experts in STEAM education, Planeteers was created to help foster and nurture children’s interest in STEAM and related fields.


In the game, players explore a newfound planet for answers to help restore their depleted home world. Together with their trusty intergalactic companion Socket, they work to unravel the planet’s secrets and while surviving and creating a sustainable habitat to continue their mission. Challenges abound across different continents, each with distinct climates, ecosystems, plants and animals in a simulated 3D environment that supports relatable real world phenomena and challenges mapped to a comprehensive STEAM curriculum.


Suit Up for Adventure with Educational Benefits!

Planeteers delivers education in a fun interactive setting packed full of educational quests, fun facts, badges, quizzes and other activities. The game also teaches coding and robotics, and important 21st Century skills including problem solving, design thinking, innovation and collaboration. Planeteers is the only serious gaming platform delivering game-based education across general curriculum, design sandbox and learn to code products.

Key educational features include:


  • Highly engaging 3D educational sandbox
  • Teaches open ended STEAM concepts and activities
  • Develops design thinking, coding and robotics skills
  • Promotes problem solving, innovation and collaboration skills
  • Provides students with the opportunity to tinker, explore and experiment
  • Framed within simulated environments to explore real world phenomenon
  • Supports autonomous, blended and enquiry based learning
  • Engages learners through positive play and educational gaming!

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